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1 in 6 adults and young people suffer with anxiety according to statistics for the US and the UK. It is said that 40% of the illness in the world is brought on by prolonged depression and anxiety.

However anxiety in itself is not an illness. It is an essential emotion gone wrong and can be corrected with proper guidance. This is where The Linden Method has proven to be fantastically successful.

Below is a quote from Charles Linden.

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Start your journey to freedom from anxiety and panic attacks

Depersonalisation is just one of the horrible symptoms of anxiety.

Have you felt that you were witnessing your own actions as if in a film or on a TV program; that your life was unreal. People with anxiety do on occasions feel disembodied in this way sometimes describing it as if they were divorced from themselves.

This can be a dreadful feeling of being alone, unattached to anything as if apart from everything and the world.

This strange weird feeling in anxiety is called depersonalisation. Although it is frightening, it is not something to be worried about. Charles Linden says that the condition is part of an anxiety disorder. It never occurs as a condition in itself without anxiety and is not always part of the condition. But do not worry, you are not alone. Once the anxiety is cured, this puppet-like or robot-like lifeless condition which sufferers find extremely worrying, will disappear.

Many other descriptions are use to describe the same feelings of having mechanical actions, being automated or being a spectator in one’s own life. Some have described it as being like they are made of cotton wool or a cardboard figure. You may feel very alone just now. There is no need.

So many different ways have been used to tell of the discomfort. This just shows how many sufferers there are. It will pass once your anxiety is cured. And your anxiety can be cured. Right now you cannot see how there is any other way to live. Charles Linden understands these Anxiety Disorder feelings. He suffered for many years from an anxiety condition  before curing himself using the technique that is available to you today.

There are five main ‘anxiety disorders’, these are:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Phobia
  • Post traumatic stress disorder

This brief video explains a lot. Take two minutes to watch it. Please.

You are not ill in the way that we understand illness.  Start your journey to freedom from anxiety and panic attacks

There is nothing physically wrong with you. Medication or pills are not necessary for the solution. You are simply suffering from a distorted way of judging situations. The important point is that this can be easily corrected and you can do this yourself with guidance.

Your condition can be explained by your normal inner subconscious programme for self protection. It is called the fight or flight reaction. Anxiety is a normal ability for the body. It is as if our radar is switched on, alert for threats. Somehow it gets stuck at on.

While we are in this state of alertness our bodies are being primed, low grade, with hormones which make us ready for action. But this state is intended to raise awareness for threats. In any normal day this may switch on when there is a possibility of a threat and then the body settles back to a normal comfortable state.

If this switch off mechanism is disturbed, it is obvious that the state of alertness will persist. The hormones will build in concentration, causing the feeling of anxiety. In simpler terms, if we are hyper-alert while there is a real threat, we do not notice that feeling as anxiety but we cannot tolerate this full time. We begin to see risks where they are not.

Panic disorder is the extreme of this process. The body is flooded unnecessarily with all the chemistry needed to help us fight or escape but there is no real threat. This most frightening of conditions is called Panic disorder. A sufferer can feel as if they are going to have a heart attack and die. It can be so extreme that the person who experiences one panic attack will live in great fear of ever having another. This is perhaps the worst part of the condition; fearing the next attack.

A person will do whatever is necessary to avoid the dreadful feeling and the potential embarrassment of it happening in public and especially in the workplace in front of colleagues. They may start to miss work and stop leaving home. It may grow into agoraphobia.

Once again, be assured that the solution is easier than you think.

  • Racing, pounding heart
  • Tightness in your chest
  • Difficulty with breathing
  • Sweating
  • Shaking
  • Dry mouth
  • Butterflies in your stomach or worse.

These are just a few of the symptoms you know so well.

It is time to put a stop to all of this.

The Linden Method has a special rapid cure for Panic Attacks.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is yet another manifestation of the same anxiety disorder as the conditions described above. Sufferers of this most unpleasant and embarrassing conditions will try to avoid doing things which show that they have the condition.

The basis of the condition is a fear of doing anything wrong or harming another person. They lose the ability to trust themselves not to do so. A painter/decorator may fear painting over a crack, seeing it as a major risk which may harm people in the future. The medical practitioner may fear infecting people and be unable to get his hands clean enough. It is easy to understand how agoraphobia may follow.

This is an good example of why a sufferer cannot see how life can ever be different. They justify their actions to themselves and  set extremely high standards. Perfectionism is not a comfortable way to live. It is an anxiety state.

Get back the life you once had. Regain your self-confidence. Begin to discover what it is really like to be you; to have your thoughts back to yourself again.

Spend a moment on this video.

Testimonials  Start your journey to freedom from anxiety and panic attacks


Daniela's Portait“I had suferred generalized anxiety for more than two years and I can tell you that Charles’ Linden Method helped me when I thought nothing could help me. I took medications like Valium, Zoloft, Lexotan, Xanax which had no effect over my anxiety, except making me feel very dizzy every day. Now it has been one year since I gave up the medication and I feel OK again.”

Daniela S.



James HartleyWith the benefit of time and even hindsight I can now honestly say my life has improved massively and it is down to the information your method provided. I soon became aware that the NHS are no great help with these conditions and that the only people in the world who can help and understand you are those who have been there themselves.

I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel and once again life is worth living. I have as good a social life as I have had in years, I am back in the gym, playing football twice a week, I am back in my stressful job and what is more I am managing and without any medication.

One of the key things your continued help and support allowed me to do was go through with my marriage in December 08 and for that I was and still am very grateful to you.

James Hartley.


I embarked on following “The Linden Method” and gradually persuaded the Health Professionals that I could manage without them. I was told Shirley's Portaitby the Consultant Psychiatrist that I would never be able to come off Diazepam because I wouldn’t be able to cope psychologically.

Gradually, my food phobia went and now I am back to eating with enjoyment, cooking and baking and having to watch my weight! I love our little garden and growing things from seed and am experimenting with growing some fruit and vegetables. When my husband had an operation I was able to get the bus to Tesco, do a big shop and get a taxi back by myself, and shopping holds no fears for me now. I read avidly and am writing my memoirs at the request of my grandchildren. I am able to go on holiday again and in August I went to Scotland by train with my husband – something I hadn’t been able to do for many years.

Shirley S

I am a very successful professional and businessman. I wish this product had been available when I suffered from OCD and so many other manifestations of anxiety. My recovery was much slower than it needed to be.

I absolutely believe in this programme by Charles Linden.

Your money is guaranteed for a year.

What is amazing is that this programme includes;


You’ll also receive unlimited, immediate access to our Support Telephone Hotline and/or our Email Support Team of QUALIFIED counsellors and psychologists, so there will always be someone available to answer any question you might have about The Linden Method or any symptoms, thoughts or concerns you might have.

If you suffer from anxiety do not waste another day or restless night. Click here to go to the official Charles Linden website . There are other amazing bonuses if you sign up today.


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PS. I genuinely believe in this programme. I wish I had found it years ago.


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     and your money is guaranteed for a year


Which will you chose; fear or courage?

One of the most common forms of anxiety is social anxiety or in the extreme, social phobia. A quick search of the internet shows widely differing estimates as to how many people suffer from the condition. The simple fact is that it is very common. Most of us have some degree of this most common type of anxiety disorder. In fact, I would suggest that many of us are put off by those who are not just a little bit shy; those who exude self-confidence. On a personal level, I am made to feel very uncomfortable by being singled out for conversation, for example, across a waiting room full of people I do not know, even when the person addressing me is a friend. I do not like being talked to by a hairdresser when other customers are listening. Perhaps I am just a little strange! But I believe these personality traits are within normal limits as they do not stop me going to such places.

Even the most extreme anxiety caused by certain phobias is socially acceptable.

The Linden Method - Stop General Anxiety and Panic Attack Fast!

A quick cure for social anxiety

Examples are; fear of spiders, fear of heights or flying. We all understand such fears. The fact is that most of us also understand severe shyness also but perhaps while understanding and accepting it, we do not give enough thought to the extreme discomfort felt by sufferers of this type of social anxiety. All we have to do is to imagine how we feel when confronting our own worst fears.

If you are like many sufferers of social anxiety disorders you may be too shy or embarrassed to talk to your doctor or even those closest to you. While I have been researching the subject for my blog, I have been struck by the numbers of people who visit and write on forums; many thousands in some cases. What this shows is that people will talk about their feelings in the ‘privacy of the internet’ but cannot take any action beyond that to seek help.

While such fora do offer support and guidance I fear that they may lead anxiety sufferers to become more isolated. There is a risk, I feel, by narrowing the group with which you associate only to other sufferers, that you may begin to feel that there is a ‘normality’ about the way you feel. You must resist this. There is another way. CLICK HERE

Retreating into a world of anxiety sufferers in this way risks reinforcing the feelings that you cannot change. This feeling of isolation is what has been called a comfort zone. You will know that it most certainly not a place of comfort. I read somewhere recently that enjoyment, fulfillment and success are on the other side of fear.

Here is a video by Charles Linden which develops on the point I am making. Click Here to watch it

Severe anxiety situations could lead to panic attacks.

A fear of social interaction – a fear of meeting people – if not confronted, allows the boundaries of your comfort zone to constrict and can ultimately lead to a fear of leaving your house. This could descend into agoraphobia. Don’t allow this to happen. Choose a mentor very carefully.

I assume that if you are reading this you are well aware of all the signs and symptoms of your condition. They are explained in other posts on this website so I will not write about them here.

Here is another useful other site you may explore if trying to understand the signs and symptoms of anxiety.

As I said earlier, everyone has their individual fears. We all live within our comfort zones unless we challenge the boundaries. The most self-confident person you know and admire may have a phobia about which they cannot talk. They may fear the dentist or have a fear of the dark. But, if our fears threaten to limit our enjoyment of life or opportunities for progress and promotion at work we must be able to confront them.

There may come a time when the dental phobic has tooth ache and has to succumb. Chances are that when they do confront their fear, they find that it was not so bad. An enormous feeling of relief will follow.

It is normal for a child to go through a phase of being shy. It is a very important phase of development. A large part of growing up is learning the boundaries of our safety. Unfortunately the language of that learning can be very emphatically negative; ‘you can’t’ or don’t do it.

There is a school of thought which thinks that some of us stay in this phase of development or have been too heavily influenced by the negative language. Whatever our problems; however we have learnt to see the world, it is very difficult to see how it can be any other way. Although others may live with greater freedom, this is the way life must be for us. If you think logically about this you must see that this is not the case. The others with greater freedom just found it easier to make the next step. The more difficult the step, the greater the pleasure.

Many of the most successful creative people down through history suffered enormous emotional challenges along the way. Read here;

There can be enormous benefits from the self-understanding you have gained by being in your present state. You can only realise these benefits by moving forward.

Here is a suggestion: Rather than spending any more time on a forum talking only to people who have not moved forward, change the people with whom you talk. Talk to those who have recovered and those who can help you. Look at this website.

All successful people have mentors who move them on to greater things. You need a mentor who will guide you forward.

The cure for all anxiety is easy. Believe it. I speak from personal experience. From being where it did not seem possible for the world to be any different. From feeling that all the limitations I had placed on myself made complete sense. From feeling very alone. From feeling enormous stress in trying to live a ‘normal’ life – which I did throughout even though it hurt, I found the support and understanding I needed and life became so vividly enjoyable.

Anxiety is not an illness. Although the first step to a new way may be emotionally painful, just consider any ailment for which you may need surgical treatment. Having an appendix removed causes pain which saves your life.

Socially anxious people fear being singled out in a crowd. They feel that they will not know how to act so they fear drawing attention to themselves. In the simplest terms; people generally are too consumed with themselves; their own fears and anxieties so that they don’t really care that much about others. This is not good. It is just the way life is.

Go talk to a sympathetic doctor. The vast majority of doctors will understand how you feel. If you meet one who does not, just walk away and find another. Some doctors have their own emotional problems. You will understand that better than most people.

Do not let shyness stop you getting the job you really deserve. It is just a step outside your comfort zone.

If you wish to simply use the internet to find help, talk to those who offer a way forward rather than just sympathising with you and reinforcing your way of life.

Try the Linden Method. 166,000 people have been cured by it.

What is wrong with you is not an illness. It does not need medication.

Start your journey to freedom from anxiety and panic attacks

I wish you well

If you would like to read more about shyness   FromAnxietyToSuccess  there are other interesting articles on this site also.


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